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The Bulk Importer is used to import the various components that make up the product catalog and tracking information for shipments processed by your systems. The Bulk Import Manager can be accessed from the Main Window by clicking on the "Bulk Import" button within the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Bulk Import Manager
Fig. 1

As seen in Fig. 1, the bulk import window is fairly straightforward. Importing data is a 3 step process:

  1. Select the type of data you would like to import by using the dropdown box at the top left of the import manager window.
  2. Select a file to import by clicking the "Browse" button at the top right of the manager window. This should be a .csv file using the required schema as defined within the following articles of the Bulk Import documentation section.
  3. Click the "Start Import" button to import the selected csv file.

Once the import process is complete, you may see a report showing any errors that were encountered while importing your data. If any errors are reported, they are presented as follows:

Bulk Import Manager Errors
Fig. 2

Errors are fairly descriptive, and include line and column number references. Simply navigate to the offending line in your csv, and make the required corrections. Once you are finished, click the "Start Import" button again.