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The product grid contains a list of products based on the filters selected within the toolbar. The grid has a number of functions other than simply being a list of products. It is completely interactive, and common operations can be performed directly within the grid itself. The grid is also used for bulk operations within your product catalog.

Product Catalog Manager Grid
Fig. 1

The grid contains the following columns:

  • "Checkbox" –Each row contains a checkbox to the far left. This is used to select a row for a bulk operation.
  • "Image" –A preview of the configured product image
  • "Sku" –Your merchant sku
  • "Title" –The product title
  • "Price" –The price for the primary fulfillment node
  • "Inventory" –The total quantity in stock for the primary fulfillment node
  • "Status" –The status of the product as reported by Jet

The "Right Click" Context Menu Popup

Right clicking the selected row within the grid will open a popup menu containing the following items:

  • "View Details" – Opens the Product Detail and Editor window
  • "Set fulfillment node prices" – Opens the Set price by fulfillment node window
  • "Set inventory by fulfillment node" – Opens the Set inventory by fulfillment node window
  • "Manage Variations" – Opens the product variation group manager using the selected product as the parent sku.
  • "Manage Category & Attributes" – Opens the category and attribute browser for assigning a category and associated attributes to the selected product.
  • "Archive" – Marks the product as archived and prevents it from being eligible for sale on Jet.

Editing Product Titles

The "Title" column can be edited by double clicking the title within the grid.

Editing a product title
Fig. 2

Editing Prices and Inventory

The "Price" and "Inventory" columns can also be edited by double clicking the respective column within the grid.
If there is only a single fulfillment node configured, price and inventory can be entered directly in the grid as follows:

Editing a price in the grid
Fig. 3

Editing inventory in the grid
Fig. 4