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Product Catalog Manager

The product catalog is just what you think it would be. A place to manage the product's you are selling on Jet.

Aerodrome Product Manager
Fig. 1

Here's a description of the various parts:

  1. The toolbar

    The Product Catalog Toolbar contains several buttons that will control which products are seen within the grid. Clicking a button will a apply the selected filter and only show products with the selected state.

    The second row of buttons contains controls for interacting with items selected within the grid.

    Product Catalog Manager Toolbar
    Fig. 2
    The toolbar is broken up into four sections

    The first section is "Filter by Approval Status", and is shaded a green color. These buttons will change the visible products within the grid based on the status reported by Jet.

    • "All" – Show all products in the catalog
    • "Approved" – Only show products that are approved for sale on Jet
    • "Under Review" – Only show products that are waiting to be approved
    • "Missing Data" – Only show products that are missing data required to be listed for sale
    • "Excluded" – Only show products that are not eligible for sale on Jet due to being part of a restricted category
    • "Pending" – Pending has been removed.
    • "Archived" – Only show non-active products
    • "Variations" – Only show products that have variations or accessories

    Product Catalog Manager Toolbar
    Fig. 3

    "Download" – The download section section, shown in orange, is for when you have already uploaded products to Jet. This will download and merge/overwrite your local product catalog with whatever is stored on Jet. This feature is normally used when installing a second copy of Aerodrome to handle a different fulfillment node, or when reinstalling Aerodrome on a new machine.

    "Search" – Clicking the search button will reveal four different input boxes. Each of these boxes can be independently used to search for products. Simply enter your query and hit the Enter key.
    Note: At this time you cannot combine search terms from two different inputs.

    Product Catalog Manager Search Toolbar
    Fig. 4

    • "Sku" – Search for products by merchant sku
    • "Title" – Search for products by title
    • "Mfgr" – Search for products by manufacturer name
    • "Part No" – Search for products by manufacturer part number
  2. Bulk Actions & Export

    "Bulk Actions & Export" – This section (shown in purple, Fig. 3) is used for bulk operations based on the checked items within the grid.
    The checkbox icon is a convenience feature used for selecting checkboxes within the grid. Clicking this will show a popup menu containing options to "Check All", "Check None" and "Invert Checks".
    Clicking the "Bulk Action" button will open a popup menu containing the following items:

    • "View Details" –This will open the product detail window for a maximum of 10 checked products
    • "Add Shipping Exception" – Opens the shipping exception manager window, and can be used to assign or remove shipping exceptions in bulk
    • "Set Category" –Opens the Category Browser window and can be used to assign a category to products in bulk
    • "Archive" –Used to bulk archive products
    • "Un-archive" –Used to un-archive products in bulk

    The "Bulk Export" button is used to export either all visible products, or all checked products to the csv file of your choice.

    The last section "Create" (shown in purple, Fig. 3) is used to add a new product to the catalog. Clicking this will open the product detail window, and when saved will be sent to Jet.

  3. The Product Grid

    The product grid contains a list of products based on the selected filters.
    The grid contains the following columns:

    • "Checkbox" –Each row contains a checkbox to the far left. This is used to select a row for a bulk operation.
    • "Image" –A preview of the configured product image
    • "Sku" –Your merchant sku
    • "Title" –The product title
    • "Price" –The price for the primary fulfillment node
    • "Inventory" –The total quantity in stock for the primary fulfillment node
    • "Status" –The status of the product as reported by Jet
  4. Page Selection

    Here you will find page controls. Clicking a page number will jump to that page of products within your catalog.