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The product detail editor is the place to go for editing anything that has to do with a product.
While title, price and inventory can be modified directly in the Catalog Manager Grid, the product detail editor gives you full control over many additional properties. Additionally the product editor will enable you to create new products.

To access the product editor from the main window, click "Catalog", select a product row, right click and select "View Product Details". At this point you will see the product details editor window appear. (See Fig. 1)

Product detail overview
Fig. 1

Section Definitions

  1. "Product Title" – The current product title
  2. "Product Status" – Status as last reported by Jet
  3. "Action Menu" – At the time of writing, there are three actions that can be taken:
    • "New Product" – Clicking this will open a new editor window for creating a new product
    • "Edit Product" – Enables edit mode for the current product
    • "Archive Product" – Clicking this will archive and disable the current product on Jet
  4. "Save and Cancel Buttons" – When in edit mode, the Save and Cancel buttons will be enabled. Clicking save will immediately send all of the information about the associated sku to Jet. Clicking cancel reverts all changes and sends nothing to Jet.
    WARNING: Sending product data to Jet for an active sku can cause it to re-enter the "Under Review" state.
  5. "Detail Tabs" – Switch between product details and product text for the current product
  6. "Prices, Taxes, Fees and Unit Quantity" – Displays the base product price, map price, fulfillment node prices and quantity per package.
  7. "Product Inventory" – Displays the total inventory and how many units are listed as in stock for each fulfillment node.
    Note: At the time of writing, Aerodrome does not support automatic inventory quantity management based on orders, cancellations or returns, and will be added in a future release.
  8. "Identification Codes" – Contains a list of unique product identification codes. Accepted types are:
    • UPC
    • ISBN
    • EAN
    • ISBN-13
    • GTIN-14
  9. "Manufacturer, Brand, Category & Attributes" – Displays all information about the manufacturer, brand, part number, category and assigned attributes for the selected category. Clicking the "Browse Node" input while in edit mode will bring up the Category and Attribute Browser.
  10. "Shipping Information and Exceptions" – Contains dimensions, weight, multi-pack quantity, and shipping overrides.
  11. "Return locations" – Shows any product-specific return location overrides. (Where customers can return the product)
  12. "Images" – Displays image priority and remote url
  13. "Variation Group" – Displays details about variation or accessory relationships.

Product Detail Viewer Layout

  • The viewer is primarily two columns, and there is a vertical separator. Click and drag the separator to change the column widths.
  • Each column will scroll vertically depending on the screen height
  • Each section can be collapsed by clicking the heading above each section
  • Each section can be resized vertically. Position your mouse under a section's grid, and above the header of the section beneath it. When the cursor changes, click and drag to resize.