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Welcome to Aerodrome!

When you first start the program, your dashboard is the first window to appear. Here you will find your main menu, and various statistics about your sales performance.

Aerodrome Dashboard
Fig. 1

Let's break down the parts:

  1. Main Menu Bar

    This is the main menu for Aerodrome. Here you will find all of the different buttons for managing your presence on Jet.

    • "Orders" – Jet Orders Manager

      Clicking this will open the Order Management Interface where you can view and process orders, returns and refunds.
      This button has two numbers located within the blue square separated by a comma. The first number is the total number of orders that are ready for you to acknowledge. The second number is the number of orders that are ready to ship.

    • "Returns" – Jet Returns Manager

      This is the Jet Returns Management Interface. This feature allows you to manage user-initiated returns for shipped orders.

    • "Settlement" – Settlement Report

      An interactive report showing sales totals and commissions paid to Jet.

    • "Catalog" – Jet Product Catalog Manager

      This is where you manage your product catalog's items, prices and inventory.

    • "Bulk Import" – CSV Integration

      Bulk import products, inventory, prices, shipping exceptions, tracking numbers and others.

    • "Horizontal Lines Icon" – Other Items Menu (Marked as #10 on Fig. 1)

      This is an area for additional menu items and configuration options.

    • Lifetime Sales

      Regardless of Jet's order retention policy, Aerodrome will internally keep track of every order that it processes. This section contains a sum of the base price of every item sold.

    • Average Order

      This is the average price of all items sold

    • Recent Orders

      Here you will find a table containing information about recent orders that have been fulfilled.
      Within the table there are the following columns:

      • "Customer" – The billing name of the purchasing customer
      • "Items" – Sum of item quantities within the order
      • "Total" – Sum of the base price of each item within the order
    • Bestsellers

      This report shows you the top 5 selling products by quantity.
      Within the table there are the following columns:

      • "Title" – The product title
      • "Price" – The current price
      • "Quantity" – The total quantity ever sold
    • Order volume and sales total graph

      The graph allows you to quickly visualize order volume and sales aggregates from the past six months.
      A series is automatically created for each month, the X-axis contains a tick for each day, and the Y-axis contains either the total number of orders for the day, or the sum of all sales for the day.

    • Graph Mode Selection

      Clicking either of these buttons will toggle between number of orders and sales totals modes.

      • "Orders" – Convert the grid to orders totals mode. This will cause the Y-axis to display the total number of orders.
      • "Amounts" – Convert the grid to sales totals mode. This will cause the Y-axis to display the sum of the item prices sold.
    • Performance Totals

      This section contains various sums based on the data contained within the graph.

      • "Revenue" – The sum of the item's base price
      • "Tax" – The sum of tax paid
      • "Shipping" – The sum of shipping amounts
      • "Quantity" – The total quantity shipped minus cancelled quantity.
    • Status Bar

      Occasionally Aerodrome will show you messages here.

    • Additional Items Menu

      This is an area for additional menu items and configuration options.
      Within this menu you will find:

      • "Fulfillment Node Configuration" – Configure which fulfillment nodes Aerodrome will listen to.
      • "Return Node Configuration" – Configure different locations products may be returned to.
      • "Taxonomy Sync Service" – Downloads and indexes Jet's current category & attribute hierarchy.