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IMPORTANT: Before getting started, you MUST set up your account in your partner portal on, and you MUST set up at least one fulfillment node.
If you need help setting up your account, please Contact Us

Aerodrome Automated Setup Wizard

When first running Aerodrome, you will be presented with the Aerodrome setup wizard. The wizard will prompt you for your Aerodrome product code and Jet API credentials. Please have those ready when starting Aerdrome for the first time.

Entering your Product Code

When you downloaded Aerodrome, a 16 character product code was emailed to the address provided. If you did not receive your product code, please Contact Us, and we'll send you a new code.

When prompted, enter your product code.

Enter product code
Fig. 1

You will also be prompted to accept the Aerodrome License Agreement. You must agree to the terms specified within the license to use Aerodrome.

License Agreement
Fig. 2

Entering your Credentials

One your product code has been entered, you will be prompted to enter your username, password and merchant Id. Aerodrome will not start without valid API credentials.

Enter product code
Fig. 3
Enter password
Fig. 4
Enter merchant id
Fig. 5

Automated Aerodrome Setup

Once you have entered the required credentials, Aerodrome will perform a self-installation procedure where configuration, log and database files are set up. This process can take up to one minute to complete depending on your machine.

Configuring Fulfillment Nodes

At Jet, fulfillment nodes are a location that your products are shipped from. Each order is required to have an associated fulfillment node, and prices and inventory are also required to be specified by fulfillment node. Aerodrome fully supports multiple shipping and return location fulfillment nodes, and will only operate on the configured nodes.

At this point, Aerodrome will prompt you to configure your fulfillment nodes. The fulfillment node Id's are required to be configured in your Partner Portal.

Fulfillment Node Management Window
Fig. 6

Setting up a fullfillment node

  1. Aerodrome will automatically create the first node. If you want to create a second node, click the "Add New" button
  2. Enter your warehouse details
  3. Copy and paste the node id from under "Fulfillment"
  4. If you want to configure a specific return location for this node, click the "Manage Returns Locations" button. If not, click "Save", close the window and skip the remaining steps.
  5. You will now see the Returns location manager window (See Fig. 2)
  6. IMPORTANT: Click the "Add New" button to add a new return location.
  7. Enter your returns location information
  8. Copy and paste the node id from
  9. click "Save"
  10. back on the node manager window, select the return location from the dropdown
  11. Click "Save"

Return Node Management Window
Fig. 7

Categories and Attributes (Taxonomy)

The last step is to synchronize the Jet categories and attributes. Aerodrome will ask if you want to download the taxonomy. Click Yes. If for some reason you do not want to wait for the Taxonomy to be downloaded, you can click No, and run the synchronization service from the main menu later on.
Please note that the taxonomy is required to fully utilize Aerodrome.

This process can take 10-15 minutes to complete since Jet started rate limiting clients.

Taxonomy Sync Service
Fig. 8

Once complete, close the taxonomy sync service window.

Aerodrome Setup is now complete. Enjoy!