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Note: Acknowledging Orders only applies to orders that are in the "Ready" state.

When new orders are received, you must tell Jet if you can fulfill the order within 15 minutes. If Jet does not receive a reply, they may award the order to a different merchant.

The Acknowledgement Sidebar section allows you to either accept or reject orders, or individual items within an order. Most times you will simply acknowledge the order as is, which is telling Jet that you currently have enough of each item within the order in stock and ready to ship. Other times you may not have a requested item in stock, or you might not have enough in stock to satisfy the order. In the first case, you can accept part of an order by declining the items not in stock and accepting the others. If you can't fulfill the entire order, you will need to acknowledge the entire order as is, and partially cancel the item during the shipment phase.

Acknowledge Order
Fig. 1

Acknowledgement Sidebar Components

The sidebar contains the following components starting from the top:

  • "Acknowledge Button" – This will send the information contained within the acknowledgement sidebar and send it to Jet.
  • "Order Id" – The Jet-defined unique order Id
  • "Alt Order Id" – An optional custom order Id. Normally this is the order Id from your internal system.
  • "Acknowledgement" – Tells Jet what you are planning on doing with the order (either ship it or reject it).
    Valid values:
    • "Accepted" – Accept the order. If you are cancelling items within the order, you will still use the "Accepted" status.
    • "Rejected - fraud"
    • "Rejected - item level error"
    • "Rejected - ship from location not available"
    • "Rejected - shipping method not supported"
    • "Rejected - unfulfillable address"
    • "Rejected - other"

Order Item Grid

The order item grid contains information about the items to include within the order. You can choose to cancel items by clicking the row under the "Acknowledgement" column, and selecting the reason for cancelling the item

Grid Columns:

  • "Sku" – The Sku for the product being ordered
  • "Alt Item Id" – A custom item id if you would like to assign one
  • "Acknowledgement" – Accept or reject this item
  • "Item Id" – The Jet-defined item id.

How to acknowledge incoming orders

  1. Open the Order Manager by clicking the "Orders" button on the main window.
  2. Once the order manager is open, click the "Ready" button to see any orders waiting to be acknowledged.
  3. Select any of the orders that appear in the grid. If no orders appear, you have no orders waiting to be acknowledged.
  4. At the top of the sidebar, you will see the "Acknowledge Order" section appear at the top.
  5. If you would like to enter a custom order id, you can enter it in the "Alt Order Id" field. Normally this is the order id from your internal system. It is not required to set an alt order id during acknowledgement.
  6. To accept the order as is, select "accepted" from the "Acknowledgement" dropdown and click the "Acknowledge" button
  7. If you for any reason cannot accept this order, you may select any option other than "accepted" from the dropdown
  8. You can refuse to accept part of an order by select an option other than "fulfillable" for any item within the grid.
  9. Click the "Acknowledge" button at the top right to submit the acknowledgement data to Jet