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Automatic Order Acknowledgement

As part of Jet's fulfillment policy, merchants must acknowledge an incoming order within 15 minutes of the order entering the acknowledged state. The acknowledgement process is to ensure that the merchant has the product in stock, and is able to fulfill that order.

When enabled (and running), Aerodrome will automatically acknowledge any incoming orders. Meaning the order will be accepted as is, and be marked as "Ready to Ship".

When coupled with Automatic Inventory Management, Aerodrome will first check to see if there are enough items in stock prior to accepting the order. The process is as follows:

  1. Inventory totals for each item within the order are collected
  2. The quantity of acknowledged items (not shipped) are collected for the items within the order
  3. The quantity of each item in stock is calculated as: ( total in stock - total acknowledged )
  4. If the merchant has enough of each item in stock, the order is acknowledged as is
  5. If the in stock quantity of some item is less than the quantity requested, but greater than zero, the quantity accepted will be whatever is in stock, and the rest will be cancelled.
  6. If none of the items are in stock, the order is fully cancelled.