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Order Manager

Once your catalog has been set up, you will be spending most of your time within the order management interface. This is your command center for processing orders, shipments, returns and refunds.

Aerodrome Order Manager
Fig. 1

The Order Manager is split up into three main sections. At the top, you will find various controls for filtering the main display, searching and bulk operations. Under the navigation controls, there are two columns. The left side is the orders grid where you will find a list of orders defined by the selected filters within the navigation toolbar. The right column contains details about the order selected within the grid. The sections within the right column will change depending on the selected order.

Navigation Toolbar

Order Manager Toolbar
Fig. 2

Filter Buttons

The toolbar consists of two rows. The upper row (the black buttons) contains a series of filters based on various order states that can be assigned. The last button is the search button.

  • "All" – Show all orders
  • "Created" – Show orders that have just been placed on Orders in this state are going through fraud checks and a short waiting period where the customer may cancel their order. Once the waiting period has expired, the order will move to the "Ready" state.
  • "Ready" – Orders in the ready state are waiting to be acknowledged. You have 15 minutes from when the order enters the ready state to notify Jet that you can fulfill the order. Jet reserves the right to cancel the shipment if you are not in compliance.
  • "Acknowledged" – You have acknowledged the order, and it is in the process of being fulfilled.
  • "In Progress" – The order has been partially shipped.
  • "Complete" – The order has been completely shipped or cancelled.
  • "Returns" – Show any orders that have returns associated with them

Search Button

Clicking the search button will cause a row of search boxes to appear allowing you to search through orders by:

  • "Order Id" – Search by the Jet-Defined order id
  • "Customer" – Search by customer billing or shipping name
  • "Sku" – Search for orders containing the given Sku

Bulk Operations

You can perform a few operations in bulk within the order manager. Check the desired orders by clicking the checkboxes in the grid, then click the Bulk Operations button in the toolbar. From there, you can:

  • "Acknowledge Orders" – This will acknowledge any orders that are in the Ready state in bulk
  • "Cancel Orders" – This will cancel any selected orders in bulk


You can export orders by selecting items in the grid using the checkbox column to the far left, then clicking the export button. Options for export are currently:

  • "Export Checked" – Export the checked orders within the grid
  • "Export All" –Export all of the visible orders within the grid
  • "Advanced Export" –Opens the Advanced Order Export window.

The Sidebar

The sidebar shows information about the currently selected order in the grid. Depending on which order is selected, various components will appear within the sidebar. There are three sections that are always visible for any order:

  • Item(s) ordered
  • Order totals
  • Customer

Items ordered contains a list of items contained within the order along with quantities and the price. Double clicking an item will open the Product Detail Window.

Items ordered sidebar
Fig. 3

There is also a button for creating a Merchant Initiated Refund, which allows you to refund any amount to the customer at any time.

The order totals section contains five sections:

  1. "Items" – The total amount charged for all items in the order
  2. "Shipping" – The total amount charged for shipping
  3. "To Jet" – The total amount paid to Jet for the order
  4. "Order Value" – The amount paid to the merchant: ( Item total + Shipping Total - Taxes - Fees )
  5. "Fee Adjustments" – Various fees paid to Jet

Fee adjustments (Jet's fee) is a variable rate paid to Jet for each order. Typically, Jet's fee is 15% of The item and shipping total. In addition to Jet's base fee, additional fees may be paid based on entries within the Jet Rules Engine within your Partner Portal.

Customer info sidebar
Fig. 4

The Customer section contains the billing and shipping information for the order

Customer info sidebar
Fig. 5