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Orders ready to ship (in the "Ready" state) are orders that have already been acknowledged, and are waiting to be shipped. Ready orders can be viewed within the Order Manager by clicking the "Ready" button within the toolbar. If you have any ready orders you will see them appear within the orders grid.

Clicking any of the orders will display detailed information about that order within the sidebar. The first section you will see are the shipping controls in a section labeled "Ship Order" (See Fig. 1). Within the "Ship Order" section, you will find:

  • The the order status (this will always be set to "Ready to Ship" for orders in the ready state)
  • "Ship Order" button – This will open the Create Shipment window allowing you to ship the selected order
  • "Cancel Order" button – This will immediately cancel the current order. When clicked, you will be prompted to enter a "Alt Shipment Id", which is a mandatory custom identifier assigned by your system for the order. It is worth noting that Jet will accept duplicate values for "Alt Shipment Id".

Ship Order Sidebar
Fig. 1

Following the "Ship Order" section is the "Requested Shipping" section, which contains the shipping carrier, service level and expected delivery date requested by the customer placing the order (See Fig. 2).

Requested Shipping Sidebar
Fig. 2

Within the "Request Shipping" section you will find the following properties:

  • "Order Id" – Jet-defined unique order Id
  • "Ref Id" – Jet's human readable order Id number
  • "Carrier" – Shipping method used for the given return shipment.
  • "Method" – The shipping method requested by the customer
  • "Level" – The requested service level
  • "Ship By" – The expected shipping date. You must have shipped or cancelled this order within 24 hours of the expected shipping date in order to be in compliance with Jet's policies
  • "Deliver By" – The expected delivery date

The third section is the "Items Ordered" section. This area contains the sku, quantity and price for each item contained within the order (See Fig. 3).

Order Items Sidebar
Fig. 3

The last section is the customer information. Sold to contains the billing name and phone number, and the ship to section contains the shipping address (See Fig. 4)

Order Items Sidebar
Fig. 4