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Merchants may generate a refund for a completed order at any time by clicking the "Refund Items" button above the items grid in the order manager sidebar. Normally a merchant would initiate a refund if a customer returned an item directly, without first contacting Jet. In any case, here's how to create a refund.

Clicking the "Refund Items" button will display the "Create Refund" dialog.

Refund Sidebar
Fig. 1

Each of the items within the order will be displayed within the grid, and the original order totals are displayed above. To create a refund:

  1. Check the rows you want to refund
  2. Enter the amounts and reason for the refund
  3. Click the "Send Refund" button

Item Grid Column Definitions

  • Check – Used to select items to refund
  • Sku – Item sku
  • Returned – Quantity returned by the customer
  • Refunded – Quantity refunded by the merchant
  • Reason – Reason for refunding the item
  • Principal – Amount refunded
  • Tax – Tax refunded
  • Shipping – Shipping amount refunded
  • Shipping Tax – Shipping tax refunded
  • Feedback – Merchant feedback for when the refunded amount is less than the amount paid by the customer
  • Notes – Additional notes about the refunded item