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Completing a Return

To complete a return, click the "Process Refund" button within the order manager's return detail sidebar. See Handling Returned Orders for more information.

Once the "Process Refund" button has been clicked, the "Return Manager" dialog will appear (Fig. 1).

Return Manager Dialog
Fig. 1

Top Section

The top section of the refund dialog contains information about the order and the refund.

  • Order Id – The Jet-defined order Id associated with the return
  • Alt Order Id – Optional merchant supplied order Id.
  • Agree to Return Charge – If the merchant agrees to the return charge, this must be checked.
  • Feedback – If agree to return charge is checked, the reason must be specified here.

Returned Items Grid

The returned items grid contains the line items being returned. Here is where the merchant has an opportunity to dispute the refund, and modify the amount refunded. If less than the requested refund amount is refunded, Feedback must be specified.

The columns within the grid are as follows:

  • Sku – The merchant sku
  • Returned – The quantity of this item returned to the merchant
  • Refunded – The quantity refunded to the customer
  • Principal – The item value refunded
  • Tax – The tax amount refunded
  • Ship Cost – The shipping amount refunded
  • Ship Tax – The shipping tax amount refunded
  • Feedback – Any feedback about the returned item the merchant wishes to leave for Jet
  • Notes – Any additional notes about the returned item (Optional)

Once you are satisfied with the refund amount, click "Complete Return".