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The Jet Taxonomy (Categories and Attributes) are fully managed by Aerodrome. The Taxonomy Synchronization Service is responsible for downloading, storing and indexing all of the categories and attributes. Before using categories and attributes within Aerodrome, they must be downloaded. If this wasn't done when Aerodrome was first installed, from the main window, click the menu button at the top right and click "Taxonomy synchronization service" from the menu.

Taxonomy Sync Service
Fig. 1

Click "Start", and wait for Aerodrome to download and index all of the available categories and attributes. This will take a few minutes to complete.

Taxonomy Sync Service
Fig. 2

Once complete, close the taxonomy sync service window.

Taxonomy Sync Service
Fig. 3

Category and Attribute Browser

When editing products and variations, you may find the Category and Attribute browser

Category and Attribute Browser
Fig. 4

Select a Category

First, select a category from the left column. Selecting a category will cause the associated attributes to appear in the second column. Additionally, there is a drop down box above the category tree that will show any recently used categories.

Select an Attribute

Selecting an attribute will show any available values in the third column

Entering Attribute Values

Some attributes will have pre-defined values, and others will be free text. If free text is allowed, a text input will appear above the pre-defined values. Additionally, some attributes will require a unit (pounds, centimeters, etc). If a unit is required, a drop down containing the available units will appear above the pre-defined values.

To finalize the selection, click the green arrow to move the attribute and value to the "Selected Attributes" column.

Selected Attributes

All selected attribute values will appear within the last column. To remove an attribute value, select the entry and click the red arrow to the left. To clear all attributes, click the X with a circle around it.

When finished selecting categories and attributes, click the "Ok" button.